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To maintain a clear and consistent identification system, it is not permitted to hold both a driver’s license and a photo card issued by British Columbia or any other province, state, or country simultaneously. This applies even if one or both of these IDs is expired or canceled.

Surrendering Existing IDs

Suppose you currently hold a driver’s license and a British Columbia Photo Card or a photo ID card from any other location. In that case, you are required to surrender both IDs upon applying for a British Columbia driver’s license. Please ensure you provide your existing IDs and driver’s licenses when completing the application process.

Proactive Reporting of Photo Card Possession

To expedite the processing of your driver’s license application, it is crucial to inform Topline Driving School if you have ever held a British Columbia Photo Card, regardless of its current status, expired or canceled. Neglecting to disclose this information may result in delays in receiving your driver’s license.

Eligibility for Driver’s License

If you hold a British Columbia Photo Card and wish to obtain a British Columbia driver’s license, you must relinquish your British Columbia Photo Card. Upon successful completion of the required testing, your British Columbia Photo Card will be canceled. If you later decide to re-apply for your British Columbia Photo Card, you will need to surrender your British Columbia driver’s license.

Assistance with Road Test Appointments

If you require assistance with scheduling or modifying a road test appointment, kindly visit a Topline Driving School or contact the Topline Driving School team directly.